This privacy policy has been generated as per the terms and conditions and the usage of personal information which we collect from the customers and use for the requirements of the service. All this information is used for different purposes without any misuse, and we always suggest our customers read the terms and conditions and proceed with the complete information.

The personal information we get from your side are following.

  • Your Name
  • Email address
  • Contact Number
  • Account numbers and details
  • Pan Number
  • Aadhar Number
  • Residential address information
  • Transactions details
  • Address proof

Usages of the information

All these are used for the multiple options to enhance the services. Sometimes, we share all the details from clients from whom we get various services related to our function. We assure you that we never misuse this information.

Intellectual Property

All the content posted on the website is relevant and it does not affect any intellectual property at all. We request all the visitors that they must be sure about the post, comments, and other feedback. It must not violate any rules and affect the feelings of any persons, institutions, individuals, or all. The content posted as feedback, comment and all will be saved and not be shared with any other else. However, it can be used for promotional and other testimonial purposes.

Collection of Location

We collect the location of your devices so that we can facilitate our best services and make you comfortable. We get the location and IP address as well.

Access to some devices

We get your permission for the accessibility of your devices such that your Camera, Microphone, Storage, and financial SMS. All these are required for the services like Video KYC for your instant approval.

Third-party policy

We share some information from the clients from whom we get multiple services. And it is necessary to do so because unless sharing your personal information with the clients, we can’t get the services.

Acceptance of terms and conditions

All these terms and conditions must be accepted if you are willing to get the services and if you don’t want to get them or disagree with these services, you can withdraw back and leave the page.

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